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07.08.14 Acquired patent on the development
of mold (No.10-0751004)
Patent Commissionerˇˇ
07.06.30 Expanded the die mold business plant
(480-2 Bonsan-ri)ˇˇ
06.12.19 Designated as membership in model enterpriser SMBA, SBC
06.10.04 Founded a venture firm in Thailand
(Name: A-Sung Thailang Co.,LTD)
06.08.01 Changed the company name from A-Sung Precision Co., Ltd. to ASPIC Co., Ltd. National Tax Office
05.12.26 Concluded a corporate annexed laboratory agreement with the Korea Society of PhotoScience  
05.12.01 Founded A-Sung Sales Office in Thailand  
05.11.30 Awarded US$3 million Export Tower  
05.11.10 Awarded the 9th e-Business in Korea
05.10.11 Selected as excellent corporation in production informatization (POP/MES) TIPA
05.07.29 Selected as INNO-BIZ
(2005.07.29 ~ 2008. 07. 28)
05.06.21 Selected as venture firm (new technology)
No. 052124035-3-0130
05.05.11 Acquired Certificate of Company Laboratory KOITA
05.04.02 Founded A-SUNG SALES OFFICE in China  
05.03.01 Established Joint Moldshop with TURKEY KAP Engineering  
05.01.25 Re-designated as promising small business (2005.01.25 ~ 2011.03.31) Kookmin Bank
05.01.12 Acquired ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification (CN:0002902) NQA
04.11.11 Awarded local innovation leadership prize MOCIE
04.10.30 Founded JAPAN SERVICE CENTER  
04.09.06 Selected as Best Partner Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
04.08.30 Designated as innovative leading company Small Business Corporation
04.05.27 Built and moved to a new plant
(FB Business) (481-1 Bonsan-ri
Jinyoung-eup Gimhae Korea)
03.11.07 Awarded Export Tower Gyeongsangnam-do Government
03.09.02 Awarded Prize of Development of Excellent Skill by Prime Minister MOGAHA
03.08.29 Renewed ISO9002:1994 Certification (CN:16539) NQA
03.08.20 Renewed ISO14001:1996 Certification (CN:E00480) NQA
03.07.21 Acquired Gold and Silver Medals in the 37th International Youth Skill Olympics
(gold medal in press molding, silver medal in precision devices)
03.06.26 Designated as promising small business (No. 2003 ? 61) Gyeongsangnam-do Export Support Center
03.06.23 Selected as venture firm
(new technology firm) No.032124035-2-084
03.04.15 Selected as good partner in the mold industry LG Electronics
02.12.18 Selected as INNO-BIZ
(2005.12.18 ~ 2005.12.17)
02.10.21 Selected digital industry-leading firm (building mechanical industry informatization) No. 02-EMK21-05 Gyeongsangnam-do Mirae Industrial Foundation
01.11.15 Awarded $1 million export tower  
01.11.07 Acquired ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification BVQI
00.08.25 Designated as promising small business SMBA

99.12.09 Certified as excellent venture firm
(low module gear) No.1999212471-0216
99.12.08 Acquired QS-9000 & ISO9002 Quality Assurance Certification BVQI
99.11.30 Selected as company of military service exemption case Military Manpower Administration
99.03.30 Selected as promising export as small business (1999-0161) Small Business Corporation
99.03.11 Designated as sponsored exporter Gyeongsangnam-do Export Support Center
98.11.10 Certified as R&D Lab
(Die Mold Technology Lab) No. 983270
97.07.31 Acquired NT Mark by developing a fine blanking mold for low module gear SMBA
97.04.26 Joined Korea Die Mold Industry Cooperative Korea Die Mold Industry Cooperative
96.01.01 Changed the corporate structure to
Asung Precision Co., Ltd.
95.08.04 Designated as promising advanced
technology firm
Ministry of Trade
94.12.31 Designated as promising small business Kookmin Bank
93.07.10 Moved the plant (480-2 Bonsan-ri
Jinyoung-eup Gimhae Korea)
92.12.21 Selected as Partner in Molding
by LG Electronics
LG Electronics
92.05.01 Founded Asung Precision Corp.
(277-1 Oui-dong Gimhae Korea)

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