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Overview of Fineblanking

The Fineblanking Manufacturing Division secures many Korean and foreign customers and clients with Koreas best equipment (160 ton~1,000 ton) and experts.
We acquired TS16949 and ISO14001 certifications and optimize price stabilization, high quality, process, and delivery management of ordered products by the project team.
We produce parts by the design and manufacture of fineblanking dies and post processing (plating, heat treatment, bending, grinding etc.) and supplying them. We also perform optimal quality management with rapid problem-solving capabilities through the operation of the POP system that can check the test data and the present state of the processes in the real-time production line.
Fineblanking Product Applicable Fields:

1. Automobiles: seat, door lock, safety belt, airbag, brake, compressor, exhaust system, transmission, fuel system

2. Heavy Industry: large diesel engine, hydraulic pump

3. Agricultural Machinery: steering gear, engine connecting rod

4. Medical Machines: stapler for surgery, vision test equipment

5. Tools: knife, scissor blade, saw blade, wrench

In normal blanking or stamping work, a product is produced with one-third cleanly sheared and the remaining
two thirds with roughly-sheared surfaces. If the conditions allow it, the parts must be reprocessed by shaving,
milling, lining, broaching, or grinding.

To produce precise parts, it is necessary to have at least two or more additional jobs for each part. Fineblanking has
the advantage of saving production costs because it can produce precise parts with sharply-sheared surfaces
through a process of fineblanking.
As a matter of fact, fineblanking is recognized as technology important enough to use in more industries in all the
fields of the press processing industry.

It is no exaggeration to say that the accuracy of the fineblanking process that shows excellent performance depends on the quality of molding. After several years of research and development for this technology, our products are
recognized for their excellent quality by indigenously designing and processing molds that produce the best products. Without the satisfaction, we put a priority on our high-quality product manufacturing and R&D to the best products and

Fine Blanking

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